Is it worth it?

I am still recuperating from the weekend I think, or maybe it’s just this weather that making me SO tired. The Cheshire Craftsmen fair was good…good, not great. Not as many people came through as I had hoped. Was it the rainy weather? The location? The economy? Probably all three.

My booth, Cheshire Craftsmen Fair, Oct 1-2, 2011

I had a hard time figuring out where to put these framed prints. I usually bring some originals but what I have left are at galleries. I am not complaining about that!

I am definitely noticing a certain demographic that is interested in my journals. For the most part, it’s women under 50 and young girls. I am making this statement purely on my observations at the fairs that I have done so far. Young girls (say 8 to 14 yr olds) love my journals, and I saw a few beg their mothers for one. I know I would have loved one at that age too!

I thought to myself the whole time I was there, “don’t give up, Robyn, you can do this, you have a good product, keep on, move on”. I was honestly tossing the ideas around of organizing my own craft fair. A hip craft fair geared toward a younger generation, with funky, different stuff. Something like the Renegrade Craft Fairs that are held across the country. Not quite that massive, of course. I have never been to one, but they look SOOOO cool. Does anyone know of  an Indie craft fair like this in northern New England? Could I pull off something like that in New Hampshire?  It wouldn’t be easy, but I believe I could do it on a much smaller scale.

9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

Renegrade Craft Fair, Chicago, Sept. 10-11,2011

9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

Renegrade Craft Fair, Chicago, Sept. 10-11,2011

9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

OMG! I love this artwork!!

9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

ok, just had to include this photo I came across, never seen anything like this before...both clever and strange at the same time. At the Renegrade Craft Fair in Chicago.

I think you get the idea. And this is not to put down anyone at the Cheshire Craftsmen Fair, there were lots of beautiful and unique crafts there. I am just trying to find where I belong in this whole craft fair thing.

I love being at craft shows, talking with the customers and fellow crafters. Seeing peoples’ reactions to my art and journals. But I can’t help but think that my efforts may be better off somewhere else. Should I concentrate more on my etsy store or perhaps start my own online store? Should I try to get my items in more local stores and galleries? With 3 young kids and a part time job, as much as I want to, I can’t do it all.

I will have a booth at the Vermont Apple Festival in Springfield, VT this Saturday from 9am-5pm. Here’s hoping for a great turnout and nice weather!


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